Golden Oldies

Darn those pesky folk at we make money not art
for pointing to the old computer museum. Can’t they see I’m supposed to be working?

OK this is the first computer my father bought in the early eighties – whizz bang spec: 16K ROM 16K RAM (expandable to 48K!!!) and running at a cool 1MHz, yeah that’s one megahertz, woah!

But the PET 2001 with a BASIC from some bunch of kids in a garage called Microsoft, was where I learned:
10 INPUT “What is your name?”, x$
20 FOR i = 1 TO 10
30 PRINT x$
40 NEXT i

This one
looks like a later 3xxx series given the clickmatic keyboard but I am ready to be put right.

See? I can do techno-nerd.

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