Podwalk 005

A shorter one this week, with not so much walking. Well plenty of walking, but within a small area. Podwalk 005 starts with a busker at Bond St tube station before heading off to Speakers Corner in Hyde Park on Sunday 13th February.

I didn’t have my camera with me so there are only a couple of crappy shots from my phone on flickr, but the material (when you can hear it over the wind) is so good, that I’m going to try this location again but armed with better equipment.

Enjoy, leave comments, e-mail me or leave audio comments at lloyd dot davis at gmail dot com.

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2 thoughts on “Podwalk 005”

  1. AH, Sunday in the park with Lloyd.

    Very evocotive podwalk. It must have been nice weather. You can’t plan chatter like that. Hell, you can’t even write it. One imagines Comrade Bingo attacking Lord Bittlesham. . . .
    It reminds me of a 60′s “poet”–Moondog. There was an album of his steet rantings put to music.

    Thanks for being our eyes, and London “correspondant”.

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