From the sublime…

Baaaato, well not really the ridiculous – it was for charidee after all (and so naturally I don’t want to talk about it) – but it certainly was surreal.

After starting the day so well (see below), I popped over to South Kensington with my friend Helen to attend London’s first Sheep Race. There weren’t any real sheep in South Ken, natch, but we were treated to lunch and recorded highlights of a race that took place last week in the Welsh borders. We were reminded several times that this was London’s first Sheep Race, were spared too many jokes about sheep and randy Welshmen and happily got to give Children with Leukemia some money – overall the event raised just over £1,000.

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One thought on “From the sublime…”

  1. A surreal close to the week for you!
    I think I know some of the bastard offspring of the welsh-sheep union, concieved on a moonlit night somewhere in the hills near Carmarthen; run ewe bugger ewe run. . .Our islands are full of them, too shamed to remain near the scenes of tryst. All in the name of a worthy cause. . .I myself prefer the erstwhile midnight Slone Ranger formal balls to all of this modern sheep racing. . . .

    The photo, by the by, makes it look like you bathe with Lamb Chop. . . .

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