The night of the long noses

Seth GodinA fine time was had by most last night at the Texas Embassy. Seth Godin gave a very generous speech and question and answer session, with the only proviso that questioners had to wear false long noses as seen on the cover of his latest book “All marketers are liars” (Can you tell he’s in marketing?)

I recorded all of this as well as a brisk trot round to get instant reactions from those of the crowd that didn’t instantly disappear when the great man sat down.

A chance to talk to Lee Wilkins, Gia Milinovich, Helen Keegan, Ed Daniel, Robert Loch and Paul Birch (and lots of others too).

Audio is still being processed but should be up later today – I will put the post-speech chatter in the feed here, but other stuff will be available on the Marketing Soiree wiki page.

[UPDATE: The audio for Seth's speech and the Q&A session are now available from the wiki page]

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Marketing Soiree

Wow, 11th July came round quickly – so tonight it’s back to the Texas Embassy again for a night of overexcited chatter and fajitas in the company of another blogging celebrity.

A slightly different crowd tonight for Seth Godin than the Scoble affair (though the coolest people are those who make both) More marketing types and fewer technogeekatroids. I’m therefore expecting more high-pitched chatter, a greater capacity for alcohol and fewer jokes about astrophysics.

I will certainly have pictures and have my minidisc so will at least hope to bring you audio tomorrow of what the great man has to say to the assembled multitude – it’s highly unlikely though that I’ll stop there, so you might also expect some insights from some of London’s greatest marketing brains.

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Podwalk #15 – Podcasting from London post 7/7

london recoversThe first Perfect Path podwalk on the streets of London since the explosions on the transport system yesterday, 7th July. My small contribution to “business as usual”.

I take a bus from Waterloo up to Holborn (apologies for the cut, I didn’t feel comfortable talking on the bus, nor did I feel comfortable about feeding you 6 minutes of bus sounds) and then walk up through Russell Square and peaceful parts of Bloomsbury. Pictures are on flickr in a photoset tagged london and podwalk015.

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Just another day

Today I will, like many other Londoners, just get on with what I do.

I found it hard to write anything much yesterday – shock and fear. I don’t know how much I’ll manage to share with you today, just take it one step at a time.

This morning I’m keeping two pieces of wisdom in mind. They come from men who knew a lot about cruelty and injustice:

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”
Mahatma Gandhi.

“Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much.”
Oscar Wilde.


Explosions in Central London

Very glad that I’m not in Central London this morning.

At least one explosion confirmed so far on or near a bus outside the BMA in Tavistock Place (confused about whether it’s there or Russell Square). Reports of the double decker bus having the top ripped off.

Hearing about two other possible explosions on buses.

This together with explosions (the first reports that these were simply collisions or a power surge are fading away) at several points on the Underground . The entire network is closed.

A lot of people hurt.

Not a good day.

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More new kids on the block

For those of you who like your marketing mobile, check out Perfect Path Podcast favourite Helen Keegan‘s new blog Musings of a Mobile Marketer – latest news? Orgasmatones – yes, I spelt that right – ooer missus, get over there and check it out.

Mild-mannered Stuart Reid does his best to improve public services by day, but he also has a passion for short films and film-making which he shares with us on UK Shorts.

Meanwhile, in the flickrsphere:

Ashley Sickler is one of my favourite new finds on flickr after I used her television picture to illustrate a post the other day. Good, clean, wholesome American teen-life. Subscribe to her feed to enjoy from the comfort of your aggregator.

Not quite new, but a kid at heart and worth a mention anytime, Neal the Podchef takes a break from photographing mouthwatering food to bring us some great pictures of 4th of July fireworks over the water from Lopez Island on his flickr photostream (RSS feed)

Serpentine reflections

live8 gateHere’s an audioblog from Sunday afternoon.

I walked along the south-west side of the Serpentine, starting off just past the Lido. You’ll hear Canada geese and possibly moorhens as well as the usual varieties of tourist to be found in Hyde Park on Sunday. It’s a kind of pause for breath after the spurt of activity over the last couple of weeks.

Later, I took some photographs of the Live8 site which was still largely enclosed, but with some gaps in the fencing. They’re on my flickr photostream with the tag postlive8.

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Smallbizpodder adopts diversification strategy

Alex Bellinger (he of the excellent SmallBizPod – small business podcast, inventor of simultaneous podcasting and owner of a hairy wotsit) has a new personal blog called Verbalism.

I think it’s personal in the sense that it’s not the smallbizpod business blog as I haven’t seen anything (yet) about Alex’s cat, crushes on his English teacher nor the size of his hairy wotsit, but it’s still early days.

Alex is a little worried that in the age of ubiquitous RSS you might not get to see verbalism in all it’s shiny clean newness, so I encourage you to go over there and prove him wrong by trampling all over his comments.

Things coming together

Johnnie Moore puts out a great podcast conversation with Chris Corrigan and Rob Paterson about “unconferences”

David Wilcox asks “Why aren’t events about engagement more engaging?”

And Doug Kaye announces his intention to extend IT Conversations

I put all of this together with what I’ve experienced in presenting my part of the results of BARC, LesBlogs, the Geek Dinner and this post that I wrote almost a year ago, not to mention what I said the other day about RTS2005 and there’s a picture beginning to form. A grey, mussy, cloudy and unclear picture but a picture that starts to look like a business opportunity nonetheless. What’s needed after all this talk is action, but which actions to take first aren’t immediately obvious to me.

Which again, is why I blog.

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A new Perfect Path blogchild

Peter Martin of is blogging. A couple of weeks ago, he hardly knew what a blog was. Then he took his company to Internetworld and while on the stand got talking to Geoff Jones and came and heard my talk on blogging & marketing.

I could tell he got it, but wasn’t sure if he’d actually do it this fast.

He writes, naturally enough, on re-use, re-cycling and anthing else re- he can think of . Go taste, and leave him a comment to let him know who sent you.