Ellee Seymour at Blogging 4 Business

If video doesn’t play please download it here

We met Ellee Seymour during one of the breaks. She has enormous energy and enthusiasm for blogging (as you can see) and I’m sure we could have filled a whole camcorder tape just by talking to her. Perhaps we will one day! Check out her post on Rhubarb Lasagne and encourage her to follow through on the Beetroot Trifle.

She’s been getting some mentoring from the East Anglian super-blogger Geoff Jones, so is clearly in good hands.

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One thought on “Ellee Seymour at Blogging 4 Business”

  1. Hi, Many thanks for this great video, my son now thinks I’m famous, it’s a wonderful tool for communication and I hope you will be very busy and successful. I also look forward to meeting up again. And yes, I’m in good hands with Geoff, the best.

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