Cheese 2.0

Cheesy? err... yesFollowing on from the marketing 2.0 content 2.0 debate earlier I was struck by this advertising on the side of a van which I spotted at Embankment on my way here. Not for the obvious reason but because I’d also just seen on Breakfast TV Charles Dunstone from Carphone Warehouse being grilled by Declan on why he hadn’t achieved perfection and complete enligtenment and got a bit of planning wrong (which he’s admitted to on his blog where he’s now also explaining what they’re doing about it.) Now Mr Dunstone’s blog might not be the shiniest and most blogworthy in the world. But I like a man who does this much better than someone who slaps a half-naked girl on the side of a van to sell me more cheese – which I don’t eat by the way, no matter how many naked girls they show me.

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