Audio blog 4th July 2006

Chapter StreetThis morning’s offering is still 12 minutes, but felt shorter. There must be a message in there somewhere.

A day of tying up loose ends before retreating for a few days of reflection and head-cleaning. Today I mention the portfolio blog which will hopefully get fatter today if I get around to it. The trouble with these blogs is they’re so easy to set up I keep starting new ones

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One thought on “Audio blog 4th July 2006”

  1. Welcome Back, by the way! You and London Traffic in Stereo is a bit trippy.

    I will say that the video I shoot from my digital still camera is rough, but the editing is a snap because it comes straight across. I did a search on Amazon for the JVC you’re drooling over and came up with a better model by Sony. Not sure if its for less though. Now we just have to prostitute ourselves to get the dosh to make the dream a reality.

    All the best on the retreat–just don’t retreat too far.

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