See how this goes

Well, I’ve been without access to my blog (and more importantly, so have YOU!) for more than a week now.  I’m not impressed by UK2′s service basically leaving a “maintenance page” up, not really responding to the service ticket I raised beyond acknowledging it.  Now this morning, I got a 403 error when trying to get to so I’ve taken the plunge and redirected to this place for the time being.  (even the redirect doesn’t work properly)  This is a shame as I’ve had at least two years of uninterrupted service from them so far, but when it goes pear-shaped it turns out to be avocado.  Yuk!

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2 thoughts on “See how this goes”

  1. Welcome Back to the world of the Published! There might be static, and a disoriented homepage, but you’re coming through loud and clear!

    When life gives you avacadoes–make guacamole! or roll an RSS feed you can redirect no matter which blog goes down. . . .

    Now, roving citizen journo Lloyd needs to roam on over to UK2, camera and mic in hand and find out why they have censored you.

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