The Dead & Alive Ladybird Club

feb 08 063

Originally uploaded by Lloyd Davis

My flat has lately become a meeting place for the above mentioned society. I don’t really know what to do except to let them out the window when I see them alive and collect and photograph them for posterity when I find them dead.

I suspect though that it’s the toasty warm of central heating that’s keeping them going and once they get outside they freeze and perish anyway.

At least it’s not cockroaches.

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2 thoughts on “The Dead & Alive Ladybird Club”

  1. That’s really strange – we’ve had the same problem, although on a smaller scale. I have never in my life seen so many ladybirds in the winter, or indoors at any time of year. Some of the ones I’ve seen have been huge too – there was a 19-spotter the other day that got tangled up in my hair! Thankfully I disentangled it and put it outside none the worse for wear. But it is a very odd phenomenon, all these ladybirds.

    Maybe they’re all searching for blokeybirds to hook up with?

  2. I’ve got the same problem – was just about to twitter about it! I think using their dessicated corpses for art is definitely a way forward. It’s global warming telling us “sticking macaroni shells to paper is sooo last century”.

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