I realised today that I really like this sort of thing.  Taking wallpaper off, removing layers of paint.  I’m not that wild about the filling of cracks, sanding down and painting bits of decorating, but I love stripping away the old stuff.

Sadly, the job I’ve got to do here this week only involves removing one layer of wallpaper but I’d really relish another go at something caked in years of DIY – I had the experience once, but the problem there was that I lived with other people who wanted it finished, nicely painted again.  They didn’t see the joy of removing old paint very, very slowly – seeing the different shades, the fashions in decoration emerge and then getting back down to the bare wood.

So yeah, in search of somewhere with lots of layers of paint that want removing… slowly, no rush (in fact the slower the better)

Originally posted on Lloyd’s posterous

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