Solve it while I’m settling :) #llobo

I’m going to be settled in SW17 at least until the end of January.  Let’s see how things are by then.  It’s a bit odd, I haven’t quite got my head round the idea that I’m not going anywhere else for 8 weeks or so.  I’m looking forward to continuing to have adventures even though I’m going back to the same bed every night.

I need your help with making sure that settling doesn’t fall into stagnation.  I need to continue to generate cashflow, my costs are relatively low, but my income is even lower :) 

You’ll have seen I’m working on a little book about my #llobo travels so far

I’m doing shows at #c4cc about Please Look After This Englishman which was a pre-cursor to #llobo

I have some community-minded documentary film-projects in mind to get going on.  Still at the waffly half-baked stage but watch this space.

I’m working on a bunch of slidedecks.  I’ve realised that I’m no longer in the habit of having presentations ready to take out and talk about what I do.  I’ve been doing some cool and fascinating, inspiring stuff in the last couple of years, but effectively I’ve been doing it all very very quietly – I want to get out and talk about #c4cc, #tuttle, #llobo and generally what I’ve learned more widely.  Let me know if you have a captive bunch of folk you’d like me to whip up into a frenzy, or something.

I’m looking at short-term artists residencies like the one I’ve done at #c4cc.

I’m available for shortish pieces of work in London and the South East  (and I suppose anywhere you like really) – if you don’t know what I do, then you haven’t been laughing hard enough at me struggling to explain it.  Have a look at my about page and my CV

Let me know if any of that makes you go “oh, hello, come and work with me”

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