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funny adwordsNo I’m not using adwords on this site, but I wanted to share the selection that came up on a ning social network I’ve just set up for SMC London. All there is on the page for reference is my picture and an introductory post from me, and the title with strap “If you get it, share it (in London!)” which still doesn’t quite explain (at least to me) the link to gay bikini wearing chauffeurs with ringworm.

Btw, of course, if you’re interested in joining the network and thereby generating some more relevant advertising, please do get over there and sign up.

SMC London Making Media

P3050042OK, so my bright idea was a little under-attended last week (yes, I was the only one to turn up) but nevertheless I did one of the things I set out to do which was to make some media.

Tonight we had a 500% increase in the number of attendees and half of the people who came along can be heard in the podcast we made! I met up with Ronna Porter (who’s going to lead our discussion group meeting next week) in the foyer of the National Theatre on London’s South Bank. To show her just how easy making a podcast could be, I set up my gear and she set up the gear that she’d borrowed for the night and off we went. We talked a lot about the use of sound and music in advertising and PR and my views on podcasting. A little way in, we were joined by Lars Plougmann, whose contribution, you’ll hear, was repeatedly interrupted by his three friends ringing him to find out where we were. Sadly there aren’t as many massage parlours in this centre of cultural excellence as Chris, Howard and Debbie found in Las Vegas earlier but then they didn’t have a tango band in the background.

I was the only one who’d any experience of podcasting so I showed everyone how simply the file was transferred to my laptop, edited and put through the compressor in Audacity and then exported to mp3. I wasn’t able to upload it to my podcast server while they watched as the large amounts of concrete in the National kept us disconnected from the ThamesOnline network. Ronna kept her recorder running while we did this latter part so there may be another podcast to follow! There was quite a bit of discussion about discoverability, tagging and allowing users to create the metadata they need, rather than trying to control it as a creator.

So next week we return to the 3rd Thursday discussion group indoors with beers and nibbles format but on 22nd we’ll be out and about again, this time with our video cameras teaching each other about video-blogging – watch the wiki page for details.

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Social Media Club London Tonight

Tonight, 8th March, we will be getting together for our 2nd Thursday weekly meetup at 6pm to talk and share practice around podcasting & audioblogging.

I’m suggesting meeting up in the foyer of the National Theatre on the South Bank – we should be able to find somewhere quiet enough to practice recording, but it’s not so quiet and intimate that we will disturb others. I will have my portable recording kit, feel free to bring your own.

Do let me know if you are intending to come, feel free to bring anyone along who might be interested or tell a friend (or indeed your worst enemy) to come along.

Also do let me know if you want me to shut up about bloody social media club.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, see the FAQ on the wiki:

See you at six :)

Audio blog 4th July 2006

Chapter StreetThis morning’s offering is still 12 minutes, but felt shorter. There must be a message in there somewhere.

A day of tying up loose ends before retreating for a few days of reflection and head-cleaning. Today I mention the portfolio blog which will hopefully get fatter today if I get around to it. The trouble with these blogs is they’re so easy to set up I keep starting new ones

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The audioblogger returns…in Stereo

OK, so I got a new mic at last. The old clip-on one finally fell to pieces around Christmas when it got pulled in and out of my one-man-media-empire back once too often. I got round to popping into Maplin’s yesterday and picked up this omni-directional stereo jobby which seems to work quite nicely thank you.

Paul the Clanger comes out a bit nasal when he wears it like this, but I’m fortunate that I can clip it onto my shirt and only annoy you a little with the occasional wire knocking the mic or mobile phone going off.

Audioblog 060630

I’d like to reinstate this routine for myself, so if you like this stuff, subscribe to the feed with your favourite podcatcher.

Mentions today for policyunplugged, working2gether, gapingvoid, johnnie moore and stormhoek.

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1-man media empire meets media empire’s #1 man

Yesterday, Debbie and I went along to EMI Music with Al Tickell of Creative & Cultural Skills to talk to their head honcho Tony Wadsworth.

We made the first of a series of podcast interviews with industry people to support the consultation process being facilitated by Policy Unplugged on the proposed Creative & Media 14-19 Diploma.

As well as letting us know what he thinks the music business needs from young people, Tony also gave us an insight into how he got into the business himself. Though he didn’t go into this much detail.

[There will be pics and video from this meeting too, but sadly my laptop didn't make it all the way home with me last night. Lost or stolen is not quite clear yet, but either way it's put a slight delay on processing the video while I procure a 4-pin/6-pin firewire cable. grrr....]

Laird Mackay at Blogging4Business

If video doesn’t play please download it here

When I was sitting on the podcasting and videoblogging panel at B4B I just saw 3 or 4 suits animatedly jiggling and nodding and generally getting excited on the front row.

Then one of them piped up during questions and explained that he was the managing director of Prontaprint (a print and copy franchising business) and he’d done his own podcast for staff. Smacked was my gob – how fantabulous was this? So I snuck over after the panel was done and we had a chat.

Why don’t you leave your suggestions here for how Laird and his team can make their own podcast more “street” or just informal or whatever.

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Joanna King at Blogging4Business

If video doesn’t play please download it here

I’d had some contact with Joanna before because I did a slot on blogging for IDM at Internetworld last year. I’m hoping that her experience here will feed through into other events that IDM get involved in. Of course I’d love to help in any way I can! If you want to see more of this kind of stuff Joanna, do come along on May 17th

Bizarre synchronicity point: As I was about to cross the road to go into my flat yesterday afternoon, Joanna came jogging by with her sister Michelle. She wasn’t sure if I recognised her, but I assured her that I’d been looking at video of her a lot. I worry that this slightly freaked Michelle out. Just to put your mind at rest, Michelle, I’m not stalking your sister, I just made this video when we met at a conference :-)

Next time you’re passing, ladies, do drop in for a cup of tea. [OK, I admit it, now I'm getting a bit stalky]

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Ellee Seymour at Blogging 4 Business

If video doesn’t play please download it here

We met Ellee Seymour during one of the breaks. She has enormous energy and enthusiasm for blogging (as you can see) and I’m sure we could have filled a whole camcorder tape just by talking to her. Perhaps we will one day! Check out her post on Rhubarb Lasagne and encourage her to follow through on the Beetroot Trifle.

She’s been getting some mentoring from the East Anglian super-blogger Geoff Jones, so is clearly in good hands.

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Hugh MacLeod at Blogging4Business

If video doesn’t play please download it here

Met up with Hugh again at Blogging 4 Business on Tuesday. I caught him saying this sensible stuff in the first session, but I do think lots of people in the hall weren’t quite ready for it then. I’m sure though that they’d have got it by the end of the day.

If you’re not aware of Hugh’s work, then you must be new around here. I first got wind of him when I saw his “How to be creative” around the time that I started Perfect Path, and then we met last year when I helped out on the first Scoble dinner by providing the wiki sign-up space. Hugh-newbies should also immerse themselves in the Hughtrain Manifesto.

Debbie and I chatted to Hugh later on too (off camera, sorry folks) about cartooning and blogging and global microbrands and blogging, but we also showed him the snowman movie from “All this…” as he’s a Cumbrian resident and was one of the kind and understanding people we rang while on the M6 to desparately trying to find out where there might be some snow. Debbie came away with a signed business card (with three xxx’s no less!) she was dead chuffed.

Lots more video from the conference coming soon, including what I think I said on the panel during the podcasting and videoblogging session.

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