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Podwalk 004

Yesterday’s stroll from South Kensington to Knightsbridge includes my first interview with a busker, insults for all and bit of a wobbly bit in the middle where I take some meaningless photos and refer to William Hill’s as a book-keeper rather than a bookmaker. More notes later after I listen again.

Also I’ve hit my limit on sets on flickr so it’s not so straightforward to set up a show. Thought I’d get it all up there anyway (ok except you see them back to front, the first one is south ken tube station)and look at it again later. Maybe some kind soul(s) would like to sponsor me by upgrading me to “pro”

Later later later.


A departure now from the podwalking. I will certainly keep them up – perhaps a weekly feature, but this really is my weblog and it should be at least as much about what I’m doing and thinking as about exploring new technologies.

So here are a couple of audioblogs from this week – I’m still walking in the street talking to myself (!) but I’m concentrating more on what I’m thinking than about what I can see and hear.

So here’s something from Monday and Tuesday No photos, but some shownotes of sorts for those who don’t know what I’m talking about when I mention:

David Weinberger and his after dinner speech
flickr my bookmarks at
The Dawn and Drew Show (Not Safe for Work or sensitive souls!)
Adam Curry and his Daily Source Code
Madge Weinstein (Definitely not safe for work)

Feedback strongly encouraged.

Podwalk 3

Another walk (well it starts off with a bus ride!) this time from Chelsea to Victoria Station
As before there is an accompanying flickr photoset at with the tag podwalk003.

I’m also trying out the “Liberated Syndication” podcast storage facilility at which gives me 250mb of space and unlimited bandwidth for just more than a fiver a month (thanks to the weak dollar) Let me know if there’s any noticable difference in download times or reliability.

If you’d like to send me your own audio comment you can do so at lloyd DOT davis AT gmail DOT com

Happy walk-listening!


After Soho to Westminster proved popular yesterday, I did another, shorter, walk today from London Waterloo, across Hungerford Bridge to Charing Cross, chatting to myself as I went.

I’m experimenting with taking pictures as I go – particularly to find the best way of sharing them. I’ve put them up on flickr with the first picture taken at 4 minutes into the audio and you can click along if you’re at your computer or check them out at another time if you’re listening while on the move yourself.

I’d like to know if this works, and if not where it falls down.

I’ve also put the photos in a flickr set that points back here.

Sound-seeing Soho to Westminster

So yesterday I was going from my office in Soho down to a meeting in Westminster, and rather than a boring bus trip or complicated tube journey, I gave myself a little extra time and walked down Dean St, turning left into Old Compton St, through Moor St and over Cambridge Circus, down Charing Cross Road, through St Martin’s Place into Trafalgar Square, down into Whitehall, right through Parliament Square to my destination in Victoria St.

Hey, but why have I told you all that, you can listen to it in glorious, if traffic-noisy mp3 right here: Soho to Westminster

Though of course if you’re really smart, you’ll already have got it through RSS 2.0 *with Enclosures*

[update]… or not, there seems to be some plugin conflict going on and my rss2.0 feed isn’t rebuilding. investigating, but it’s saturday so may have to wait.
[later]OK, found a workaround, should be ok now.

The Podcasting begins

So after an afternoon getting the gospel according to Adam, my inner critic folded for just long enough for me to record my first Perfect Path Podcast.

You can get it in mp3 format from here – The first post always sucks!

The extent of my show notes is – The first page always sucks; Meeting Adam yesterday; We’ll see how all of this goes; Gotta work on signing-off (bigtime) and adding some music.

I’m also seeing how MT-Enclosures works out – there should be an enclosure now in but I think I have to create a new category of Podcasts to make sure it pings

Please do leave comments or e-mail me – like it says in the title, it does suck, but I now know stuff I didn’t know before, and I’d really like to hear how you think it could be better too.