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Taking Responsibility in Commercial Relationships


I’ve been trying to write something about this for a while but finding a title that didn’t mention VRM was important to me and now I’ve just done it, it looks scary but worthwhile. “VRM” (or vendor relationship management) as a term doesn’t look scary or even interesting let alone worth putting some effort into. It’s a cute shorthand, but, in my view, talking about “the reciprocal of CRM” will only work for the intersection of two groups: those who understand CRM and those who understand what a reciprocal is…

We’ll be hosting a bolt-on (starting at 12.30) to this week’s new-fangled Tuttle at the ICA in preparation for a conference (at which I’m speaking) on 3rd November: “Unlocking the see-saw” organised by the unstoppable Adriana Lukas.

I’m interested in particular in:
Why it’s time for us to take power back from vendors who’ve come to dominate and control our relationship with them.
How we can make the whole thing a lot more fun.
What successful personal relationships can teach us about improving commercial ones.
How we start to take more responsibility for our part in commercial relationships.
What freedoms we can lay claim to.
How relationships are affected by being codified into structured data.
How the social web can be used to manage such relationships for our benefit.

Which is to say, I haven’t written my presentation yet beyond those few bullet points.
Come, help us think it through on Friday.

HubKX – nice concept – a bit swanky, but hey!

The ground floor of the new HubKX in York Way is a cafe space, on the next floor up there are three meeting rooms and on top there is a “library” space with room for people to hunker down and do some work.

Sound familiar? Yup, it’s very close to what I suggested here. Err.. except it’s real, it’s happening and it’s opening on 1st October.

Oh and it’s a bit more exclusive. The intention though is to focus on social interaction among members and light-work rather than providing an alternative workspace – that’s what the Hub Islington continues to provide. I went along for a preview visit yesterday. It’s very nice, a bit swankier than I would like my own place to be, but will suit a wide range of people. The full membership rate is £40 per month or £400 for a year in advance. This membership gets you in the door and able to use the cafe and library facilities subject to a fair use clause. Let’s hope fair use in this context turns out to be fairer than some mobile operators ideas in association with ‘unlimited’ data tariffs!

Hire of the whole space will be possible for some evenings and weekends. Friday night will be social night with a licensed bar from 6pm. The meeting rooms are on an hourly fee depending on size. There are discounts on this and on membership fr charities and businesses whose turnover is below the VAT threshold.

No. This isn’t Tuttle Phase 2 (you’ll hear about that soon enough) but it might well play a part in Tuttle Phase 2.5…

If you go along (especially if you sign up for membership) do let them know you heard about it from me – I’m trying to build some real-world link-love.

What’s the web for?

A slow project this one. Ask as many people as I can remember to do when I’ve got my camera with me to answer a “simple” question – “What is the web for?”

I tried it out at the Tuttle Club a few weeks ago. This is what came out of the mouths of some of the Smartest People in Social Media (TM)

So there are two ways I want to take this forward. I want to do it with a more diverse group of people, and I want to edit a bunch of them together in a watchable way. Your thoughts on how to do this are welcome.

I have more. I will release them. Soon.