Ah! Life.

Just gave a chunk of my time on this planet to the Life Photo Archive.

Naturally, I can’t use an image here or everyone would do the same and then photographers wouldn’t get paid and then there’d never be any motivation for photographers to ever go out and capture the world.

/* breathe /*

1970’s Parents
1950’s contact sheets
African American Soldiers
Dancing Girls

@kangus got me started

Power FAIL


I can’t believe that no-one at First Great Western thought about whether these power outlets were usable with the charger from one of the most popular mobile phone handsets, or any other one that isn’t a simple 3 point plug.

I hope they do the simple thing which is to turn them upside-down. BTW, this was in first class, I didn’t check, but the last time I was in standard class on a FGW train, they had the same problem on table seats, but the other seats had an outlet between non-table seats.