See “All of Me” at Hub Westminster, Feb 7th

Vinay Gupta has asked me to contribute to his "Truth & Beauty" strand at Hub Westminster next week.  He asked for something both pro- and retro-spective and something that showed more than one facet of what I do, have done, and probably will do when I get round to it, perhaps.  And, of course, including some singing and ukulele.

So I'm putting together a thing called "All of Me: the continuing adventures of a community-minded polygeek" which will make an attempt at drawing together the many threads of lloyd-ness.  There'll be stuff about what I've been doing in the last few years with #tuttle and #C4CC as well as random pickings from my autobiographical archive.  And then there'll be some thinking about what's happening now and what comes next.

Do come along at 6.45pm for a communal dinner, the performance will start at 8pm and we'll be all done by 9.30pm at the latest (I'll probably be asleep by then…)

And check-in on the hashtag #truthandbeauty for last-minute info.

PLUS: I'll be taking this "show" on the road over the next few months. Subscribe to this special newsletter to make sure you know when I'm in your neck of the woods.

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