G-Room Review Videoblog Part VII – Hair Wax

little hornsAll good things come to an end. And all cheesy grooming product video blogs must wind up too. So here we are with a pot of hair wax. There really isn’t much I could have done with this without getting totally out of hand and applying it to other hairy parts of my body I suppose, but luckily for you, I’ve only just thought of that and it didn’t occur to me at the time. The best I could manage were a couple of little horns.

So now it’s competition time. I’m sure that those of you with hair can do better, so send me your photos or links to photos of yourself under the influence of a hair sculpting product. Doesn’t have to be wax, it could be mousse or gel just as easily. The only entry requirement is that you have more hair to play with than me – Sorry Neal, I don’t think you’re going to make it in unless you have something from the archive 😉 The prize…a barely unopened, hardly used pot of Hair Wax, product number 7 in the G-Room range.

And so farewell G-Room review videoblog, it’s been fun getting to know the products – really should have given me some eye-treatment stuff and a free razor and made your face wash smell less like fairy liquid, but I am still using the shaving cream every day and on the odd occasions that I allow women into my bathroom, they’re very impressed by my array of grooming products.

Your suggestions please dear readers for another product range on which I should be let loose.

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