Four Things (for Adriana)

So Tom gave it to Suw who gave it to Euan who gave it to Gia who gave it to Andrew who gave it to Adriana who gave it to me. It only seems polite to pass it on.

Four jobs I’ve had:

* Ice Cream Man
* Company Director
* Flashergram
* Audio Typist

Four(teen) movies I can watch over and over (four’s just not enough):

* The Third Man/The Ipcress File/Goldfinger
* Casablanca/Some Like it Hot/It’s A Wonderful Life
* Brazil/Life of Brian/The Secret Policeman’s Other Ball
* Polanski’s Macbeth/Olivier’s Hamlet
* The Godfather/Apocalypse Now/Taxi Driver

Four places I’ve lived (this used to be ‘liked’ but I think lived is better – look ’em up with Google Earth):

* 12, Hazel Croft, Northfield B31 2LP 1969-1975
* 39, Stourbridge Rd, Bromsgrove B61 OAH 1975-1984
* 50, Wodeland Avenue, Guildford GU2 4LA 1985-1987
* 38, Central Walk, Epsom KT19 8BY 2005-

Four TV shows I love:
* Marine Boy
* The Champions
* Dr Who
* Takeshi’s Castle – I haven’t laughed so hard since It’s a Knockout

Four places I’ve vacationed (mmmm… don’t really do vacations):

* Barmouth
* Malta
* Litton Cheney
* Disneyland Paris [shudders]

Four of my favorite dishes:

* Spicy Bacon & Mushroom Risotto
* Roast Chicken with Lentille Vertes & Braised Vegetables
* Kettner’s All-Day Breakfast
* My quick lamb curry

Four sites I visit daily (dull):
* Gmail
* BBC News
* Bloglines
* Flickr

Four places I would rather be right now (four is too many):

* On top of a hill and able to see for miles all around.
* In bed with a soft beautiful woman.
* Walking out of my bank having just paid in a very fat cheque.

Four bloggers I am tagging (you’re it!):
* Rachel
* Helen
* Lucie
* Neal

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