OMG – I completely forgot

to post this open mic session from the last girl geek dinner and the next one is tonight and it’s a good job I’m not going otherwise they’d all beat me up for being a useless boymanchildthing and try to forcibly fit me with a parallel-processing upgrade.

Of course they probably still will all beat me up, just individually, which is worse.

Sorry Grrrls …. whimper…

2 thoughts on “OMG – I completely forgot”

  1. Thanks for putting that up and online for us! Don’t worry I won’t attack you for it. I know you are busy! It was good of you to record it for us in the first place! 🙂

    i look forward to catching up with you soon and will be cringing as always when I hear myself on the podcast! (then again I should get used to it because I think I am doing this evening’s podcast for LGGD no 4! tonight :S)

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