Hugh MacLeod at Blogging4Business

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Met up with Hugh again at Blogging 4 Business on Tuesday. I caught him saying this sensible stuff in the first session, but I do think lots of people in the hall weren’t quite ready for it then. I’m sure though that they’d have got it by the end of the day.

If you’re not aware of Hugh’s work, then you must be new around here. I first got wind of him when I saw his “How to be creative” around the time that I started Perfect Path, and then we met last year when I helped out on the first Scoble dinner by providing the wiki sign-up space. Hugh-newbies should also immerse themselves in the Hughtrain Manifesto.

Debbie and I chatted to Hugh later on too (off camera, sorry folks) about cartooning and blogging and global microbrands and blogging, but we also showed him the snowman movie from “All this…” as he’s a Cumbrian resident and was one of the kind and understanding people we rang while on the M6 to desparately trying to find out where there might be some snow. Debbie came away with a signed business card (with three xxx’s no less!) she was dead chuffed.

Lots more video from the conference coming soon, including what I think I said on the panel during the podcasting and videoblogging session.

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3 thoughts on “Hugh MacLeod at Blogging4Business”

  1. Hugh is correct in questioning bigwigs in companies who ask ‘what can a blog do for me?’

    A successful blogger has to start with the line, ‘what can I do for the site’s audience?’

    From that position companies will learn so much more.

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