Weather Report

It’s a stormy day here in London town, so I stuck my camera out of the window to capture the effect on the normally millpond-like Thames.

Nothing spectacular, no flying tree branches, no-one falling in the river, no Hasselhof-esque rescue scenes, but startlingly different from what I’m used to.

[update: heh – you’ll notice that either i’ve turned German (i haven’t) or else the y in January got clipped off the end and i didn’t notice before uploading]

[update 2: I should point out that there may be spectacular things going on but just not in *this* video 🙂 thanks Rachel]

3 thoughts on “Weather Report”

  1. There are things flying over. I’ve just got an email from my rowing club about fully laden boat trailers being blown over. That’s a pretty heavy thing being moved around. And apparently the roofs just blown of Lords Cricket ground.

  2. Crikey. I knew it was bad, but I didn’t realise how bad it was until I checked out the news this morning (I was offline all day yesterday). I feel I had a lucky escape with just losing my fence…

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