Read ’em and weep…

State of my onions

Originally uploaded by Lloyd Davis.

Oh mercy me!

The old one’s are, of course, the best. The opportunity to share with you, mah felluh blogizens, “The State of My Onions At Rest” was irresistable to my pathetic sense of humour.

Eat your heart out Dubya.

3 thoughts on “Read ’em and weep…”

  1. I can see a theme here. Lloyd ‘camps’ out in kitchen, takes photos of consumables and links them to weak puns and Benny Hill-like visual gags – nice one!!!

  2. Thanks for the message Lloyd. When’s the next Social Media Club? I’d love to come along.

    Also if you’d like to keep abreast of what’s happening on Project Redstripe then here’s the blog – We’ve suddenly realised what a lot we’ve got to do, but it’ll be fascinating.

    Look forward to meeting you soon,


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