Life’s rich tapestry in my RSS reader

blogging about tech, blogging about social media, blogging about big ideas in mass collaboration, blogging about new ways of marketing your yada yada yada.

From time to time it’s really good to just read someone writing about something extraordinary in their life or something ordinary but nonetheless signficant.

Thanks Delia and Rosie – and warm wishes to you both.

Surveillance Screening

I’ve been invited to a screening of Surveillance this Saturday (14th April) at midday at the NFT but I have a prior commitment.

According to the blurb the film was well received at the Berlin Film Festival recently and I just spoke to Paul the Director who tells me that it’ll be going to Seattle and Chicago later in the year. I have been given a DVD copy (and watched the first 20 minutes, which hooked me) so I’m going to blog about it when I’ve had a proper look.

If you’d like to go see it (and if you blog about it that would be lovely too) then give me a shout and I’ll put you in touch with the production team.