4 thoughts on “Bless her”

  1. Funny pic. Dropped by because every time I log on to Facebook you’ve added another ten friends. You’re so hard to ignore I had to check out your blog again and find out what London’s top social media tart is saying.

    Liked your comments on events and would be v interested to hear you talk more on this theme. You know I’m an event person and would welcome the debate. Get writing please.

    PS what do you think about Rupert Murdoch selling MySpace to Yahoo? I know you smiled when I said I thought Facebook might be over, but I can’t help wondering if the genre is peaking. When the Murdochs sell their social media utility and buy the Wall St Journal, something’s in the wind.

  2. Hi Pippa

    I think the whole question of social networks is moving on to “how can we decentralise these things more” Facebook has a longer life than most I think but I also think it’s interesting to see which applications on the FB platform get the most use and how much they’re just interesting whimsies that we pass on and then forget about.

    Also, I think that even if all of them peak and fade away we’ll be left with a different world than we had before, we’re going to get more networked, not less.

    I will write more, I promise, just that I’m working on so many different things at the moment, it’s hard to find time to just sit & think & scribble.

  3. Glad to hear you’re busy and good to hear that the general direction in social media is about decentralisation. Agree that we’ll be left with a different world and think you’re right about it being more networked, not less. It will be interesting to see what new shapes emerge.

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