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lolgreenSo I had a message a bit like this (only by e-mail, not phone) and so went along to be part of a conversation about Green Thing this morning.

It’s still in tease mode, but I hope that you’ll soon start to hear more about it, because I think the fundamental idea is worth getting behind even if they are, as Johnnie so prettily put it, “showing their Marketing 1.0 knickers” at the moment.

I’m glad to say that this on the right is the first photo on flickr to be tagged dothegreenthing

original pic by ofcandescence licensed cc by-sa

4 thoughts on “Do the green thing”

  1. LLoyd, please explain this to me, in simple plain-speaking words. I am now’t but a simple country lass, living north of, you know, well, north.

  2. ok, so there’s a bunch of people who are starting an initiative to help people to do some of the little things that we all know we should do – recycling more, turning off rather than standing-by, saving water by bathing with a friend, generally reducing our carbon footprint. That’s what dothegreenthing means – they’re hoping that people will commit to doing just one small change every month. They asked me and a bunch of other guys to come in and talk about the social software and social networking side of what they are doing.

    the cat picture is just me being daft.

  3. thnkyou 🙂
    O, I couldn’t work out if it was about actually being green, or just about people pretending to be green. You know, i’m so green, you can’t see me in the garden (not really, I’ve got a red jumper), and all this green bandwagon stuff leaves me feeling slightly cynical.
    No, it’s good to get people thinking about it though. I just can’t acually imagine a life where you’re not striving, if not actually achieving, optimal greenness at all times. Well, I suppose we can’t all be yogurt knitting hippies can we? And I know I still have a lot of striving to do…
    I do like your cat picture, though 🙂

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