8 random things about me. Thing the sixth

Who knew that random facts were fractal?

You look into this one and you see 8 random facts inside it!

1. Katherine & I are proud ‘parents’ to three triops – tallulah, trevor and tamara.
2. My current fave drink is Sainsbury’s Ginger Beer (diet, with no added sugar)
3. My phone allows for 3 alarms – mine are currently set at 06:15, 11:25 and 15:30
4. My maternal grandmother’s middle name was Esme
5. The contact lens in my left eye is BC: 8.6; DIA: 14.2; PWR: -4.25
6. The contact lens in my right eye is BC: 8.7; DIA: 14.4; PWR: -3.00; CYL: – 1.25 x 180
7. My regular breakfast is 2 Royal Gala apples and a packet of crisps
8. I have something far more important to blog about now, so I’m going to.