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Had a little wander around a little bit of Soho on Wednesday to see what I could see that might be of use to someone thinking about a London Social Media Café. I only covered Brewer St, Wardour St, Dean St & Berwick St and the thoroughfares in between (you know the places you’re most likely to trip over Charles Frith at 5am… allegedly)

I took some pics of the ad boards from commercial property agents. Lots of upstairs offices. One or two boarded up or broken down café type spaces including one with a To Let sign in the window.

Left me wondering whether LSMC could operate in what is existing office space. Obviously you’d lose the passing trade, non-social-media traffic but still not sure how much that would be anyway. Also, don’t know if that sort of thing means a change of use and therefore requires some government interference, or looking at it in a more practical way, what you can get away with without upsetting Westminster CC.

And so farewell, New Piccadilly.... <sniff>Bonus pic: Before I got that far, I went and snapped the New Piccadilly which is now closed and boarded up. Anyone (Russell?)have any pointers to stories or info on whether the signage or any innards have been preserved?

2 thoughts on “To Let”

  1. It’d almost certainly require a change of use from one planning designation to another, and Westminster are notoriously challenging to deal with over this sort of thing.

    There, I knew that ten years on Estates Gazette would come in handy eventually.

  2. I guess it would help to have someone who understands these things involved in the project. I’m sure it’s all do-able but we’d need to understand the pros and cons and resources required. Don’t let that stop you looking Lloyd! And I’ll keep my eyes peeled too.

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