Busking 2.0

So just a quick thought before I stroll over to Embankment tube for 2 hours of ukulele fun.

When they hear I’m busking, I get some funny reactions from some people – they immediately assume it’s about the money, or that it’s a bit low and dirty. It just occurred to me that sometimes these are people who don’t have any problem with blogging, but the reactions seem to me to be the same as, say, mainstream journalists to social media.

So, thanks guys for helping me see that my busking is just the same my blogging – just because I’m busking doesn’t mean that I’m trying to get to the top of the CD charts, I’m not doing it for the money, or that I’m slumming it with the low lifes – and it’s not about whether everyone likes what I do or not, it’s for the odd glances of recognition and those people whose day is made a tiny bit better by hearing some old git singing his little heart out today – and it’s for me – I’m having a great laugh 😀

9 thoughts on “Busking 2.0”

  1. eheh I perfectly understand the feeling. For a while I experimented with street art, especially with “statues”. The feedback from people is invaluable (children are the best though).

    …but I agree with suw, you should publish your schedule! 🙂

  2. I agree with Suw – I saw you on Seesmic do this for the first time and was very impressed. I could bring my mandoline if I knew you were playing… And it IS all worth those knowing glances from people. Don’t quite know if this is the right thing to say, but “Rock on!”

  3. I can’t nod hard enough. Lloyd. Like Suw, my first thought was that you should publish your busking plans ahead of time so people can come, enjoy and support. I know that if I was in town I’d certainly want to come and quietly cheer you on.

  4. thank you everyone! I will do something, probably a combination of twitter, upcoming and the buskers site at buskear.com – which is cool anyway if you want to know who else is playing on the tube at any one time. I do tend to book myself in at quite late notice as it has to fit around other paid work, but I may get more organised… yeah right…

  5. I couldn’t agree with you more. I recently started busking and I thought of it as an economic experiment but it makes me so happy just to be there and look at the children smile when I smirk at them, or how people react to seeing an actual performer instead of just somebody asking fro money that the whole thing leaped from being an economic experiment to being an existential one, with my mind being uplifted to such a degree that sometimes I just burst out laughing from mere cheer to be in the streets. I blog all about it…

  6. Nice one Lloyd, go for it! I do loads of stuff just for the fun of it.

    Jon recently bought a pink flying V uke and also dragged me to see to the Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain in Brum Town Hall, which was actually a lot more enjoyable than I had anticipated!

    Julia G

    P.S. does any video exist of said busking session? hehe

  7. Hi Julia

    What a great place to see the UOGB – I’m really glad to hear the Town Hall is being used for proper music again. I saw the same little pluckers in the less salubrious surroundings of the 100 Club a couple of years ago – great stuff.

    I’m not a purist to the extent that I will only play hawaiian music, but I don’t quite stretch to including Smells Like Teen Spirit in my programme, and a flying V uke is definitely not my cup of darjeeling, I think it’s probably a younger man’s instrument 🙂

    No video of any busking yet, but it’s early days. There are pictures on flickr though :


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