Detoxing in Facebook

Detoxing my facebookAfter all that winterval indulgement it’s time to strip everything back and detox. So today I slipped into Facebook for a while and removed myself from the more trivial or no-longer relevant groups and removed a large number of applications.

I no longer have a fun or super wall – so don’t try to send anything there. I’m missing out on gifts, pimps, zombies etc. I couldn’t say goodbye to my pets quite so callously or LOLCats and of course, real stuff associated with real people like Hugh’s widget and Luke’s Blog Friends have to stay. I’m going to try really really hard to resist the lure of useless crap but I’m human and a sucker for shiny things so be gentle with me.

I’m not joining in with this FB backlash, they’re not worth it – I really can’t get my knickers in a twist about whether Scoble’s there (I was still in his friend queue anyway…) or whether Che Guevara is an appropriate icon to use – I think Robert was being more Tuttle than Trotsky in all of this. As for their draconian TOS, if they don’t change, they’ll become irrelevant and they’ll be left with a whole load of my shit that’s even less valuable to them than the few pence it’s worth now. Just like friendster, ryze, ecademy, myspce etc before them. At least it seems easier to get your account deleted with FB, you just write a script that pings your page more often than a hooman might and Bob’s in your extended family.

6 thoughts on “Detoxing in Facebook”

  1. I refuse all the zombie and other crap too….had enough of it. I do, like you, keep some “shiny” things such as Magic 8 ball, but generally I’ve had enough of the tacky stuff. Adding Flickr,, StumbleUpon and Twitter are nice to have though. Also the mobile app…although only available with O2.

  2. I detoxed my Facebook a few months back, and have found it a much more pleasant place to be every since.

    However, I do seem to spend too much of my time declining invites to rubbish apps from my friends. I need to get the app user deprogramming centre up and running…

  3. What a fine, discriminating guy you are, Lloyd. : )

    Seriously, though, facebook is a mixed blessing for Blog Friends these days: churn is up, and a good proportion of it is due to users being fed up with *all* facebook apps (we have done surveys).

    Look out for a major new Blog Friends feature at and blog badges real soon now. Extending the whole service beyond facebook may take a little longer, though!

  4. You just have to have a pseudonym to get your account killed. You can be Lala Skywalker and put made up images and they don’t like that

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