King of Shaves

Every morning when I scrape a blade across my face, I think “Today, I really must write about King of Shaves” It’s true, if a little disturbing. But for some reason I never quite get round to it, the thought disappears out of my head by the time I’ve left the bathroom.

Sorry guys.

My introduction to KoS was at Interesting2007 – a little pot was in the goodie bag, supplied by Steve Bowbrick who managed better than most would have to give a sponsor’s speech appropriate to that legendary gathering. I’d seen the product before, but was a bit suspicious, it looked (and sounded – shaving? oil?) a bit Top Gear for me. But I tried it out and fell immediately in love.

The lubricants I’ve used in shaving my face aren’t that wide and varied. I never really got on with the whipped cream that comes in an aerosol tin (perhaps I should have used shaving cream that comes in an aerosol tin) though that was my first obvious choice. It did have the great smell of Brut, but it’s just bloody messy, especially when it gets bloody. I had some nice Body Shop stuff once, that you worked up with a brush, but as with so many Body Shop products for men, it seemed to have been discontinued or just not in the shop I went to or something. I know that just using soap dries your face, but I do love the smell of Roger & Gallet Sandalwood or even Imperial Leather. Of course I once used this from G-Room which was nice and minty, but after showing my arse in the shower using one of their other products I was always scared to go back in.

My first thought was that I couldn’t believe how much you use – a “few drops?” but it really does go a long way. I started my little bottle from interesting about 7 months ago and although I don’t use it every day (damn you, Imperial Leather) and I bought another bottle when I went on holiday and forgot, the first one is still going strong.

I think the things I love about the experience boil down to:

lack of mess – although it can make the cut hair stick to the side of the basin.
smoothness of skin afterwards – though comparisons between my face and baby’s bottoms are not rare anyway
size of packaging – tiny, so great for travelling
it just works – it just does.

I shudders at the term “brand loyalty” but I think they’ve got me.

PS They have a bunch of blogs – I don’t read them, but the fact that they exist gives me comfort that applying this oil to my face every morning is OK and probably a good thing. Just confirming my weirdness.

9 thoughts on “King of Shaves”

  1. King of Shaves rocks! They’ve finally brought out some female versions as well which means that after 10 years of stealing my boyfriends I have my own.

    Not sure if you’re a moisturiser/after shave balm kinda guy but I know my other half would also recommend the exfoliant wash and the moisturiser. He hates anything that leaves him feeling greasy and apparently the moisturiser doesn’t, it also seems to prevent any razor rash/burn which he was prone to in the past.

  2. Thanks Kat – haha you really haven’t seen those G-Room videos have you? I hesitate to point you to them (do *not* look at the shampoo one), but I did one on the moisturiser that should show you what I think of them:

    btw – apostrophe slip-up in your second line – I’m sure you mean you’ve been stealing your boyfriend’s rather than that for 10 years you’ve acquired your boyfriends by nefarious means…

  3. Ooops! Thanks for pointing that out, I now need to check for missing apostrophes as well as missing “e”s, my laptop keyboard is a touch tempremental at the moment

    I’ll check out the link when I get home, work’s 3G card doesn’t like it :o(

  4. I’m more of a Liz Earle fan myself at the moment and find it an excellent replacement for the old Body Shop cream.

  5. Lloyd – I would LOVE to see a video to accompany this post.

    And some accidental nudity if possible.

    Tomorrow morning?


  6. It IS a good product, but you can use baby oil which works just as well and is much cheaper.

    Thanks for reminding me about the Body Shop stuff Ed. I haven’t used that for years – great stuff

  7. Yes KoS is pretty amazing. I remember when a friend introduced it to me at university – I think my reaction was something along the lines of “why has nobody told me about this before?”. Cur throwing away the Gillette foam. I’m not quite still on the same bottle I bought then but it does have a remarkable shelf-life.

    I am also a fan of Lush shaving creams:

    Still, on the topic of Lush nothing is as good as their Ocean Salt exfoliant:

    There that’s all my metrosexual secrets out of the bag!

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