Heat on the Tube

25062008045The heat on the tube and the introduction of fans to keep people more comfortable was a little news blip yesterday. Annie had of course covered it a few weeks ago and I meant to comment at the time, but y’know… didn’t.

The issue that doesn’t seem to have come up at all is how much the temperature on the tube is currently being raised by the new batch of illuminated advertising pitches. I might try to find one of those flat thermometers to see just what the surface temperature is, but in the meantime just laying my hand on one (or my back, actually, when busking) proves to me that it’s quite a lot warmer than a paper poster 🙂 This goes for the animated doodads that line several escalators.

So how many of these screens are there now? I am not a physicist, so does anyone want to help me work out the effect a single screen might have on the ambient temperature? What is the cumulative effect of all the screens in one station, how about across the 24 stations that are getting them? And are CBS Outdoor, who are responsible for their installation, made any effort to counter the effects? Wouldn’t it be a good idea to be shouting about this if they were? And I’m not a green extremist, but what effect have these screens had on the tube’s carbon footprint as a whole – how much electricity is being used to run them?

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  1. Plasma screens are roughly 10 Watts per screen inch. Not sure if the ones underground are plasma or LCD. Anyway, something between .5 – 1KWatt per screen. I saw about 10 on one set of platforms last week, so that is equivalent to one very Large fan heater.

    How much that raises the temperature depends on the volume of air and airflow. I wouldn’t like to guess the volume of air, but if anyone knows the size of the average underground platform, that should be easy to work out. The later is the reason for the fans of course.

  2. Good on ye mate! I cannot believe at this juncture in time, with already stiffling tube platforms and a “global energy crisis” that anyone was daft enough to impliment this plan. How long before those things are covered in paper, graffiti, gum, you name it. . . .anyway?

  3. A few people made similar comments on my blog before when CBS claimed that the new ads which are showing video ads across platforms at some stations are “greener” because they don’t involve any paper.


    Big Les had said : “Great that they are saving 4 tonnes of paper per year, but at the (green) cost of running hundreds of electrically powered projectors !!

    Pete The Londoneer made a similar comment with “Yeah, and if they’re anything like the lcd projectors you use for presentations, those babies are going to kick out some real heat. Exactly what the tube needs…

    Personally I don’t see how much of an effect it can make to the heat on the trains themselves as that to me is where the main problem lies and not so much on the platforms or areas around the station corridors. I know the fan are sposed to be to cool the whole area down but on 40 stations out of 275 it’s a bit of a joke really.

    The one I see at Old Street is rarely switched on and even when it is I don’t feel any difference in the temparature for the one minute I spend on the concourse.

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