We don’t have to write anything

more journo's than puntersI was going to write something long and thoughtful about PR & Bloggers last week but got caught up in the Underground Busking debacle instead.

Meanwhile Véro kicked something off that James and Jonathan are running with. So there’s less I want to say that hasn’t already been said. And now it comes down to this thing about PR’s thinking that bloggers are just like print journalists – we’re not – well in some ways we are, but in many others we’re not, particularly for the reason stated above – I don’t have to ever write anything at all again on this blog if I don’t want to – I write to please myself and my friends, I don’t *have* any deadlines or quotas (of course sometimes I’m paid for a quota of stuff, but that’s different) and nobody sits between me and pressing (or not pressing) the button marked publish.

I’m not sitting here, thinking “I wonder what I can write by the end of today to fill that quarter page” I’m actually thinking “How can I find enough time to write about all the things I’m excited about”. So rather than helping me out – these PR e-mails always have the air that we should be grateful to get this “scoop” – you’re actually making my life more difficult by using up my time working out whether there’s something interesting in what your saying or not.

Note – and this may also be a sticking point – that we are not all the same. At times, I blog for different reasons and have different needs from someone like Ewan but I agree and understand entirely where he’s coming from here. And… I am not averse to being approached to talk about stuff that I find interesting – it’s the assumption that if we talk and you give me something then I’ll be your dog that I find a turn-off in a Coatesian sort of way.

Y’see it’s complicated.

(*ahem* – just going to tweet that I’d written this and saw @darika wanting less PR bashing – so I’d like to point out that funnily enough, not all PR’s are the same either – there are one’s that get it quite well and those that don’t – this post is directed to those that don’t…)

4 thoughts on “We don’t have to write anything”

  1. Ah bless, thanks Lloyd. I guess I’ve got a tough skin now 😉

    I think you hit the nail on the head that every blogger is different. So for example some bloggers will say to PRs “we love scoops. Send us stuff before anyone else, it’s great for our traffic” and others, like yourself, will find the whole attempt a bit lame!

    But yes, ultimately it’s the PRs job to work that stuff out and tailor comms to the person rather than trying to use a set of hard and fast rules.

  2. Me too Lloyd – cos I’m single subject (ish) I find anything that’s not got a Tube or subway link completely binnable. But if I think it’s interesting enough to the majority of my readers I’ll write about it.

    Occasionally I’ll do a totally self indulgent post entirely for me and am always amazed at how many people send me direct messages about those.

    I really think the problem is that a lot of PR’s actually think we get paid to blog – I make a teeny tiny bit of money from Google ads and a more sizeable amount from Amazon links, but it’s certainly not enough to live on. And I’m sposed to be “influential” 😉

    However there are a growing number of bloggers who are *trying* to make more of an income from blogging and I wish them the best of luck. Because in the UK they’ll need it.

    Darika’s hit the nail on the head as have some others in Vero’s post who say that it pays dividends to engage with 3 or 4 bloggers rather than piss off about 50 or 60 through a thoughtless release.

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