LeWeb ’08

I’ve missed the last couple of Loic’s uber-conferences since they morphed into LeWeb, so it’s actually 3 years since I went to the second LesBlogs. I hear that the food has recovered from the curse of the microlunch… I’m looking forward to finding out more. If you’d like to come too, you can register here.

Last time I was in Paris, I came away quite depressed by it all – it felt like we as Europeans hadn’t found our voice. We knew we had something different to offer from the Americans but weren’t sure what it was. The silliness between Ben Metcalfe and Mena Trott epitomised that. We’ve all learned a lot since then, haven’t we?

I think I’m most comfortable with it now because I no longer have great expectations of participation. I get my participative kicks elsewhere – this is big and it’s going to be like watching telly, it just is and if I don’t feel like watching every minute of what’s on stage, I shan’t be too bothered, because I’ve built my network up now to the point where I know I’ll be able to find plenty of people to hang out with, either online or off.

Having said that, thanks to the excellent blogger outreach programme, I will be there to write about what’s going on and there are some prospective super-goodies in the programme – Brian Cox, David Weinberger, Paolo Coelho, Chris Anderson and Joi Ito stand out for me – I’m glad to see that there’s a split on the second day between the plenary and “deep discussions”

And Marc Canter is running a panel on the second morning, so the book’s open on when he’ll sing and when he’ll be asleep.

3 thoughts on “LeWeb ’08”

  1. Hey Lloyd – yes I haven’t been back to LeWeb (nee LesBlogs) since that ‘silly’ episode, but I too will be back this year.

    I’m also delighted to say I will be presenting an interesting part of the show, watch this space.

    Looking forward to being back in Europe especially as I believe the financial down-turn – while awful in general – may help kick start the internet industry in Europe. Until now the major financial institutions have been a massive suck on engineering talent. I’m wondering whether this Le Web will be the spark of a new era for European startups?

    Looking forward to seeing you!


  2. Ben, I’m looking forward to it too, and always fascinated by the stuff you get involved in.

    The more I look at the programme, the more impressed I am by the breadth of stuff on offer – I’m sure there’ll be something for everyone. I loved seeing Halley Suitt saying it was Davos, come early 🙂

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