I’m drawn to processing It reminds me of my earliest programming – there was a limit to what interesting things I as a 13-year-old could find to do with text on a command line but when displays got just that little more sophisticated you could make pictures. Pictures out of lines and dots. Joining dots to make lines. Turning pixels on and off. Making graphs of mathematical functions. And then there was colour. Wow – 8 glorious shades of colour.

With just a little learning and lts of time for experimentation you could do a lot. Now though it feels like you’d need to know an awful lot in order to make something pleasing. And now that I can display full colour, hi-res photographs on my screen, photographs that I took seconds earlier on a phone with it’s own hi-res display (!) the old stuff doesn’t quite feel as satisfying.

I think I need a good project to get my teeth into, somewhere we haven’t been before. Maybe this isn’t the programming environment for that kind of bold experimentation, or maybe there’s something that this sort of simple graphical programming has been waiting for.

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  1. How about applying it to the Twitted data that they just released? Visualisation of meme spreading?

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