One thought on “overheads”

  1. I think there’s a lot in that Lloyd. It’s really tiring if we are not truly committing to the activity we are engaged in – having to combat intrusive thoughts about those other activities we’d rather be engaged in (or even thoughts about paying the milkman and needing to re-paint the wall we’re staring at). It’s like the idea of ‘open loops’ that the getting things done people write about. Also made me think of Flow, which if you haven’t tried it is worth a peek:

    I find the facilitation/training work I do with groups of people very energising, even though I am on my feet for up to 8 hours a day (which is unusual for me), and even thought I am constantly performing. I think that part of the reason is because it is the only thing I have time to think about – I am trying to focus on what is going on out there for the group, rather than what is going on inside for me (though I’m keeping in touch with that too). But because it is all-consuming I get closer to the state of flow, and have less of the open loops that cause friction and drag me down.


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