Snow Go

03022009919 Epsom to Victoria Railway Line

03022009908 Epsom to Waterloo Railway Line

Went for a walk after lunch to see what was what with the railway lines. Epsom is at the junction of two lines, from Victoria and Waterloo, but neither have had any rail service since Sunday evening. The roads are mainly clear and there has been some considerable thawing today, so you can imagine what these tracks were like at the peak of the snowfall yesterday.

We’re wondering though, what is happening to get these cleared. South West Trains website is currently down while Southern, who run trains on the line to Victoria have a single page which tells you which trains are running and that they are working hard to fix everything, but no idea really of when things will be back to “normal”. Network Rail has nothing at all except a notice saying that all “major routes” are open except some in Kent and a link to National Rail Enquiries which points you back to the Train Operating Companies sites.

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