Guerilla Street Cleaning

please clean meI heard Dougald speak yesterday on the “why don’t you…?” web, the web (immediately recognisable to UK readers of a certain age) that enables us to “turn off the tv set and go and do something less boring instead”.

I then saw someone on twitter point to Guerilla Gardening, a site that facilitates small groups going out and making urban spaces more green, leafy, flowery or otherwise lovely.

And then this morning when I got some cash out, I noticed how bloody filthy this cash machine in Cockspur Street is. And I wondered if anyone would want to do some off-the-cuff street cleaning – the nightmare is that you’d probably be arrested immediately with tampering with a cash machine, no matter how much you protested that you were performing a secret civic service. But might it have legs (particularly for urban dwellers) are there things you could clean without getting into trouble, especially if there were a group of you and are there lessons buried in the Guerilla Gardening site that might help it happen?

Implementation is left as an exercise for the reader.

3 thoughts on “Guerilla Street Cleaning”

  1. I do guerilla maintenance arount my town. So far it has been restricted to the removal of fly posters (19 so far), cutting back a tree causing damage to a public wall and covering up grafitti. Unfortunately my local council has cut back on staffing levels and prioritise their manpower elsewhere. As a result the town looks shabby at times. It’s done in the dark of night, so that’s why people refer to me as ‘The Phantom’.

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