Holding uncertainty

030620091518It’s very easy to get paralysed at the moment. Either stuck in the headlights of the juggernaut coming to crush your industry or befuddled by the sheer number of possibilities, choices, opportunities.

One thing I hope that I do for people is to give them some thinking space by saying “Hey yes, it’s all quite uncertain and generally a bit scary, but I’m willing to hold up the ceiling that seems to be crumbling and about to crush you all, while you finish your conversation”. OK so it’s not always that dramatic. You should know by now that I’m prone to melodrama, but you get the idea.

Many people tell me they value Tuttle for that reason, that it gives them time out from worrying about what they’re going to do next, time to think but also time to look around and see what’s really going on.

Someone once told me that when they were recruiting creatives, they knew they’d struck gold when they found someone willing to hold uncertainty for themselves and others.

The consulting work we did together last week (which continues tomorrow) felt a bit like that too. It seems to be something people value and something that people find hard to do for themselves.

So. y’know. yeah.

2 thoughts on “Holding uncertainty”

  1. Very, very on point.

    I’ve worked with some amazing creative agencies in the past who have expressed similar thoughts and feelings.

    Unsurprising that Tuttle offers this comfort also.

  2. This makes a lot of sense to me. I have often felt that a work environment is full of simultaneous, conflicting ideas and facts – and being able to either cope with or ignore that ambiguity is a valuable trait.

    I actually quite like ambiguity – I think it adds a lot to some situations.

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