Fumes update

Thanks to everyone who’s said “Hi!” on twitter or elsewhere in response to Friday’s plea for halp!

I believe that if you ask for what you need then what you get is what you need. So clearly what I truly need is to know that I have the love, respect and goodwill of my family, friends and peers. That love is what’s of primary importance, everything else is secondary and I know it’s on its way – thank you.

In terms of responses beyond (the most welcome) moral support, I’ve had offers of help from a couple of people by DM to sit and work some things out. Since they chose to contact me privately I’m not going to name them here but thanks to them for that extra effort, we haven’t fixed anything but I’m hoping to meet soon.

I’m meeting someone on Friday to work out what to do with a community site for Tuttle to make joint projects like Tuttle2Texas easier.

The other items on my list from Friday still stand – I’m still open to offers. I know that many people in my primary network are facing similar situations but I’m hopeful that the retweeting and keeping talking about it will help me find the right people.

@cataspanglish wrote a thoughtful response to my post, which helped clarify some stuff for me.

I’ve acquired two new regular micropatrons – one is my good friend @paul_clarke and the other prefers to remain anonymous. That brings the gang up to four – click the links in the sidebar to get in at the ground floor!

I’m hoping to get the first bits of art up for sale here in the next day or so. I’m learning fast on paypal buttons and shopping carts.

I’m upbeat and hopeful. Very much living one day at a time. I have enough for today and although my rent for this month is now late and other bills are looming, I’m pressing on and working hard and having fun. I’d hoped to get down to Bude for the Jazz Festival this weekend for some proper R&R but I don’t have the train fare yet.

I’m saying a lot that this is a scary bit of the road which looks impassable and at which point I have, in the past, done a little u-turn, taken a compromise soul-destroying job, abandoned dreams, gone away and hidden, told myself off for being so silly. I’m not doing that this time (at least not today) because I have come to see that I’m likely to keep returning to this place until I find a way through. Doing a u-turn just postpones the difficult steps forward.

Thanks for listening and watching and cheering me on.