Outlining Outdesking

#c4cc after another #tuttleI had a short conversation with Oli Barrett on Monday about the Centre for Creative Collaboration and we came up with an idea that Oli called Outdesking. I just thought I’d outline my notes on it here to get some feedback while working it up as a commercial offer.

As they say, pull something out of the hat and see if it hops…


“Outdesking” is like hotdesking but on the outside of an organisation and with an added element of personal development.

What is it?
Take a desk for a day in one of London’s most innovative creative spaces, working alongside its resident “Social Artist”.

Your day will combine some coaching and learning about the use of the social web with exposure to a different work environment and introductions to interesting & creative people.

Who’s it for?
For anyone who needs to:

  • incorporate creativity into their work;
  • learn how to collaborate more effectively; or
  • broaden their network of potential collaborators to new influences.

Also for people who need a blast of inspiration to shake up well-established working patterns or those who need a gentle nudge and encouragement to start making the most of social technologies in their work.

An alternative angle might be to pitch it at companies to pay for people who are taking a redundancy package and could do with some help adjusting to life outside an organisation.

What happens?
Visitors spend the day (or a number of days) with Lloyd Davis, working at the Centre, exploring their particular needs and developing potential practical strategies to achieve their goals. Part of the day will include shadowing Lloyd in whatever he’s doing and being introduced to some of the creative collaborative projects that are housed in the Centre. However, it’s not entirely a day away from work, part of the experience is an introduction to working in a third-space, not the office, not at home – so visitors should bring some work to get on with too.

When can we do it?
Visitors can be accommodated any weekday except Friday given enough notice. Get in touch to discuss your needs whether you’re interested in a one-off day, once-a-week or once-a-month options


Questions as ever:
Does it hop?
Where does it need more beef?
To whom would you prioritise marketing & sales activity?
How many shekels would you expect to exchange for a day of such riches?
Does the name work?