PRECISION: Why Merica Adams

Over the weekend I really enjoyed watching @sizemore and some chums making a sci-fi short in 48 hours for the Sci Fi London Film Festival 48 hours competition.  I was even more impressed when I saw what they came up with.

Mike opened up to questions on his blog and I asked about where the name of the girl, Merica Adams came from.  I’m always fascinated by how writers choose character names.

Says Mike:

“Good question. To quote the first episode of Joss Whedon’s ANGEL, “It started with a girl.”

Years and years ago I met a girl in a bar who was called Merica. I was enthralled by the name and the fact that she had a tattoo in an interesting place. Never came across the name since and I’ve been looking for a character to christen Merica from then until now.

Adams was just a good strong name like Flash GORDON or Buck ROGERS, but also a nod to Adam Strange. Perfect combination I think. Her name is never said aloud in the short, but we did have some tank crew voices talking to her in Hungarian that never made the final cut.

Maybe we’ll do a director’s cut and get them back in…”


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