That Claddagh Farms Mozzarella

Neal and I made this.  Well Neal made it and I ponced around in purple rubber gloves stretching it pathetically and needing a lot of lot of help.  it was great fun.  Then Neal hung it up in his smokehouse (a big wooden chimney next to the barn – yeah a wooden chimney, go figure) and in the morning it was lovely and smoky and cold and ready to be munched.

I thought the decent thing to do was to pass it on to my next host.  So I gave it to Sanford.  However in the morning i had a littlle pang of remorse (or perhaps hunger) and felt the need to grab a slice and taste it so that I could at least tell you honestly what it tasted like.


I’ve never been involved in the making of something so delectable. It was creamy and smoky and soft on the inside, you know like real smoked mozzarella you might spend serious money on.  I was sorely tempted to sneak it back out of Sanford’s fridge and take it with me, but I’m a good boy I am.

I don’t know for sure where it is now, but if it had been left in my fridge it would all have gone within a day.

Originally posted on Please Look After This Englishman