Wandering again

This week I did a couple of nights of talking, playing and singing to sum up The American Trip.  It was great fun – very different audience reactions each night, the first was chatty all the way through, the second lot sat quietly while I spoke and then wanted to talk all night afterwards…

It reminded me above all that I really enjoy interacting with a small group of people in this way, the form, of me talking, with comments from the floor, punctuated by bits of ukulele or other stuff is something that I’d like to do much more of.

Now then.  The lease on my flat ends at the end of June.  I’ve been here nearly two years.  I’ve been thinking over the possible next moves.  

Continuing to live on my own in a 1-bed flat in Central London doesn’t feel like the way forward.  I simply can’t afford to live in areas I’d like to live in and don’t want to live in the areas that I could afford.  So I started looking around for flat- and house-shares, perhaps it’s time to live with a bunch of people again, but then as I look it becomes clearer to me that city life, at least, this city, all the time, seems to have run it’s course with me for now.  Perhaps I’m tired of life, but I feel in need of a break from full-time London.

So I looked at alternatives, where would I like to live, outside London but within easy enough reach so that I can keep doing cool stuff at #C4CC and see my kids regularly.  Hmmm… lots of places appeal and are full of lovely folk that I know, but paying rent, even outside-London rent *and* commuting into town regularly makes things almost as tight as living in zones 1-2.  Perhaps I’d have to just go and not come back very often.

Then something else occurred to me.  What about the way of living and travelling I’ve just been waxing lyrical about this week?  I’d talked about a possible UK-wide wander as a preparation for the American journey, but there’d never really been time to do it.  There are certainly plenty of interesting questions about social capital still to answer.  What if, rather than the UK being a warm-up for the USA, perhaps it was the other way round.  Perhaps it’s time to go on a study of this stuff right here at home?  So how about I don’t take on another place straight away, but get on the road again.


It would have to not just be about saving money, it’s not about becoming a hobo 2.0 rather it’s about seeing what happens when you give up the need to have a “permanent” base and use the value of your network to give you that support.  However, the net effect would be that I would be spending money on things other than ongoing accommodation.

It would need some other, light, structure than for the US.  It wouldn’t be about getting from one side to the other, it would be just about moseying along, meeting up and staying briefly with folk, doing some house gigs, some village hall versions of the #plate11 show, doing some work with people I don’t usually get to work with because we’re too far apart.  I’d love to do some busking outside of London and perhaps stream it live… See what happens!

I like the idea of doing an evening at #C4CC perhaps every fortnight to report on what things I’ve been up to.  Of course there’ll be lots of blogging and content creation.  There are quite a few interesting projects that I’ve been itching to work on but which require me to travel outside London and I haven’t found time or funds for them because I’ve been working hard to find ways to pay the bills.

Or something…

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