Mixing more work in

Firstly, I have to say that I continue to have a fantastic time.  I had thought that by mid-September, I’d have perhaps had enough of hobo-ing around but on the contrary, I’m looking forward to carrying on – I see no sign of settling for a while now.

The tweak I’d like to make is that I’d like to be doing more work-work – but the definition of work-work is a bit muddy for me, perhaps I need to explore that here.

So I have had lots of lovely rest time, time where I’ve just been able to be with people and take part in what they’re doing.  I got to get sun-tanned in Cornwall while busking every day.  

Then there have been the opportunities to help out with more than day-to-day chores and child care – painting a fence, clearing a garden of brambles, taming an overgrown budleia, shopping and cooking for my aunt who’s ill.

And I’ve done stuff like the album with Martyn et al, creative stuff that doesn’t have money attached but creates value in other ways.

I’ve also been employed to host a couple of conferences, do some creative consulting and help out some hyperlocal bloggers with improving their sites.  Next month I’ll be doing a performance of the show I developed about the American trip.

It’s this sort of thing that i’d like to do more of.  I suppose it’s really stuff that someone else has come up with or else something that I’ve done before.  But it’s also a bit bitty – much as I love facilitation one day at a time, I’d quite like to get my teeth into a project that’s a bit meatier.  It would be nice to do something over a longer period of time that has a bigger outcome or effect.

My costs are much reduced at the moment so I can afford to do things for lower fees in other parts of the country than i’ve been able to countenance before – I’m also up for stuff that includes staying and/or working with interesting people.

So have a think and give me a shout if someone goes “Hmmmm.. we could use a Lloyd for that”

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