Anyone for #popup cinema in Birmingham today/tomorrow?


I find myself in Birmingham for a couple of days (16th & 17th April), with the wherewithal to create a popup cinema to show some films from the British Council Collection.  I'm based in B30, but can come anywhere in Brum that's easily accessible by public transport.

Give me a shout on 07919182825 if you'd like me to come to you.

What I bring:
1. A selection of short archive information films from the British Council collection – see for the whole catalogue, I have copies of the following 1940s films with me:

  • The Man on the Beat (1945) (Why we trust policemen, filmed in Ladywood and Birmingham City Centre)
  • Student Nurse (1944) (The training of State Registered Nurses, filmed at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital)
  • Local Government (What councils do and how to become a councillor)
  • We of the West Riding (everyday life in West Yorks)
  • City Bound (wartime public transport in London)
  • London Terminus (wartime day-in-the-life of London Waterloo Station)
  • Any of the films that are already available on YouTube (assuming you have an internet connection)
  • I may have others secreted about my person that I've forgotten about

2. My laptop & pico projector popup cinema combo
3. My charming personality, a love of film, history and a willingness to natter.
4. Optional ukulele

I'd need you to provide:
1. A light-coloured screening surface (a matt-painted wall will do) (4' x 3' – 1.33m x 1m) is not bad
2. A room that is deep enough to project onto the surface at size and preferably the ability to darken the room
3. Two mains power points
4. Refreshments (some people find it *impossible* to watch film without popcorn and icecream – I'll settle for a cup of tea)
5. An hour should be plenty of time
6. There is no fee for entry to the popup cinema, though I'll happily pass the hat for tips/donations if that is acceptable to you (this is unfunded work).

As is often the case with me, this is all very last minute.  If you want to do this, but can't fit it into the next couple of days, or if you're elsewhere in the country and would like me to come, let me know and I'll put you on the mailing list.Originally posted on Lloyd’s posterous