First go at importing to from posterous

So I had a go and made a new copy at has an importer for posterous (look under Tools in your dashboard).  I chose to test it with mostinteresting since each post should follow a fairly standard structure and it should be straightforward to see where things don’t show up the way you’d expect.

I used the simple blue-green theme, so no need to create a header image. (it would be nice if there was a free theme that mimicked the blank posterous theme, maybe there is, I haven’t looked…)

First things I notice that aren’t imported:

  • Pages – this blog has an instruction page called How to Contribute.
  • Title & strapline
  • Profile & profile pic
  • List of Contributors (on this one it’s just me, but there are some group blogs that would need this to come over)

Everything is posted in the “Uncategorized” category.  Posterous only has tags, these come through and show up in this theme underneath each post title and in a tag cloud in the sidebar.

Posterous “Likes” come through as blank comments.

Those posts where the picture isn’t showing, or is just a link are also not showing on the original.  I think something must have changed since they were posted as I’m fairly sure that as part of the original moderation I made sure that the photo was rendering OK.  This may be more of a problem when dealing with blogs that have pictures on other sharing sites than flickr.  I believe that photo attachments are transferred over automatically, but that’s not tested here.

So this all implies the following curating tasks:

  • Change Title
  • Add strapline
  • Copy over profile text
  • Create and copy manually any pages
  • Edit posts to show embedded pictures.

4 thoughts on “First go at importing to from posterous”

  1. Thanks Lloyd, this is useful to share. I’ve got a fair number of Posterous blogs. Some are more archives, one I’d like to keep active. Should I be moving them any time soon?

  2. Lorna, I’m sure there’ll be better ways of moving them coming on stream over time – it’s not essential now, I don’t think (and it may be OK in the longer term too) I’m just being extra precautious 🙂

    1. Thanks Lloyd. I tend to throw caution to the wind, so I’ll sit tight until it all goes wrong! (But perhaps will stop recommending posterous to new bloggers.)

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