two will doThe last century was all about doing things on a mass scale, mass production led to mass consumption via mass marketing.  And so we’ve all become used to measuring our success in the thousands of people who take part in things.

For #wewillgather, we’re trying to do things a little differently and work at a human scale.

People ask us how we’ll measure success and I like to say things like “I’d love everyone in the country to have the chance to be part of ‘a good thing’ together with four or five other people”.  That is, the scale of each thing isn’t important, in fact, for any particular activity, small and manageable is far preferable to large and chaotic.

Our roots are in #riotcleanup, where thousands of people showed up to clean up their local community spaces, but we’re not aiming to re-create that with every ‘good thing’ that…

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