Tuttle needs to move

Tuttle is a travelling circus. It needs to move and it needs to go where the people are. I needed a rest from herding the Tuttle cats and C4CC was a great place to let the show rest and settle and for me to run around doing other crazy things for a bit (OK 2 years). But I miss old Tuttle. And other people do too. I think it’s time to get it going somewhere else.

The question is, “where?” At the moment that’s quite a high-level where. London? Yes. East or West? Not sure.

I get frustrated by talk of what made Tuttle “work” in 2008/9. “It was this person. I liked the ICA because it was like this. I liked the Coach & Horses because it was like that. etc.” I don’t think any of us really know what the secret-sauce was, because there was no single secret sauce.

But I think the most important thing to answer now is: if Tuttle is a thing for everyone, where can lots of people go to that’s near enough to where they were going to go on Friday morning anyway?

Or is it?

9 thoughts on “Tuttle needs to move”

  1. Another thought. Somewhere more convenient for me would be great. Like Edinburgh! Or even Glasgow… 😉

  2. Ha ha! On the Google/Mozilla front, I’d like to avoid somewhere that people have to get past reception to access.

    As for the West Lothian question…

  3. I was on a bus into town this morning and thoughts about “whatever happened to Tuttle” washed through my mind. For me, C4CC never really worked as too much standing and too few people (location, location, location?) and “central is better” is a truism. I love the location/feel of Moz’s place far more than The Campus, but I’d love it to have a Phoenix moment asap ;-P

    btw, even the ICA had a reception desk.

  4. Would one of the man new co-working centres not offer a space? Central Working or the Hub Westminster?

    Alternatively Tuttle could be a pop-up event, rather than occur at an established spot. In many ways Lloyd, mirroring the flux you created in your own life over the last couple of years. This would allow commercial spaces to be made available too, from time to time. More work, but perhaps likely to create more energy, bring more people in, and less likely to lead to complacency?

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