#ukgc13 #altukgc13 A couple of things to remember when watching the stream

Just scribbling this at lunchtime.  For those not in the know, we’re running a massively cut-down informal version of UKGovCamp in a public space at the Royal Festival Hall basically “because snow”

We’re running a live stream via Google Hangouts which then ends up on YouTube.  I’m just sayin’ the following:

The stream is provided strictly on an expectation-free basis.

  • I know it’s frustrating if you’re listening to our conversation and then suddenly you can’t hear anything, but I think we have to make the conversation work foremost for the people in the room.
  • We’re working for free in a public space of public wifi with a macbook air and a snowball mic.  That’s the best we’ve got.
  • None of us is being paid to be here, we’re all showing up for the conversation on the same basis you are, because we want to have the conversation and we’re having it now.
  • No-one’s in charge here, we didn’t make a decision that we would stream this thing and then go about implementing it craply because we’re crap, we just thought it would be a good idea.
  • This is not the only chance ever to join in this conversation, UKGC13 proper will happen soon and you’ll get the chance then.
  • I can get a bit pompous and up on my high horse sometimes, I try not to, but I may be doing it right now.  If you read what I’ve written and think “what a git” I’m sorry you feel that way.

Now we’re going to get talking again.

4 thoughts on “#ukgc13 #altukgc13 A couple of things to remember when watching the stream”

  1. So the snow has caused UKGC13 to be postponed… and you’re using a snowball mic?!! You can see where you’re going wrong, can’t you? That melting sound… 😉

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