[bds]Last few hours, what happens next?

I started writing something about what happens if I don’t hit the target or what happens if I exceed the target and it just felt all wrong.

The first one particularly felt like:

  • introducing some sort of fake jeopardy to induce people to part with cash;
  • writing a risk register (*shudder*);
  • just a lie really because I know and you know (if you know me well enough) that I only ever do things that I’d do even if it didn’t raise any money at all and that half the fun is making do with what you’ve got instead of throwing money at problems to make them go away.

So it’s going to happen whatever, but I will be able to spend more time on this project if the pot is fatter and less time if it’s slimmer – simples.

So go ahead, make it fatter

The one thing I do want to avoid is having a conversation with someone that goes “Oh what a shame you didn’t come last month, I had a load of old film that I didn’t know what to do with, so I chucked it out.”  So I’m going to get on with this thing as quickly as I can with whatever resources I have.

Today I’ve purchased digitalshoebox.org.uk it points to the campaign page for now, tomorrow it will become the real home of the project!

One thought on “[bds]Last few hours, what happens next?”

  1. Making do with a stinking S**** f***ing internet cafe because you don#’t have the sme amount of social capital as the bpeople who cut off you’re internet connection is such a laugh. Oh, and having to spend weaks working out how to fix an ten year old computer, becuase you havne’t got the money to buy a new one is a blast. Yeah, I toatally get where you’re coming from. Then there’s the VERY REALL possibility of losing ALL entitlement to unemployment and housing benefits because (crazy I know), if you’re not ALLOWED to comply with DSS regulations, thats what happens. I totally known what you mean. In fact, just now I experienced a rush very much like metamphetamine, becaue the people who remote viewing mey screen blocked me getting help on the Virgin forum with a problem that after a year, still isn’t covered by the savings in my social capital account – apparently eveyone pays £8000 a month in charges on tehir social capital accounts

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